Peer Support Practitioner - North Ayrshire Recovery Service

North Ayrshire
North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Prevention, Recovery and Early Intervention Service
Substance Misuse
Peer Worker
Full time
£16,835 - £18,081

This is an exciting opportunity for people with lived experience of alcohol and drug issues to join a brand new team and take on the position of a paid Peer Support Practitioner. Peer Support Practitioners will play a key part in reaching people who may need additional support to engage with services. They will also develop community recovery support groups and services.

Job Purposes & Core Details


  1. work to the service and organisation's aims and values and promote the citizenship of the people we support.
  2. deliver support to people who use Turning Point Scotland's services and in so doing contribute to the provision of the highest possible quality of social care support which meets the service specification.
  3. provide an insight into the process of recovery and to share experiences in a postive way which assists the people we support.
  4. operate at an established level of social care practice or engaged moving towards established.
  5. work to the company's values - Because People Matter
  6. undertake CPD (continuous professional development with the support of your line manager and use appraisals and supervision fully.
  7. keep your registration and membership to relevant professional bodies up to date and valid.
  8. undertake any outstanding require qualification for registration, or if not working in a registered service qualify at the minimum of SVQ level 2 in Health and Social Care.
  9. undertake any other duties or responsibilities as may be deemed appropriate to the post by the Service Manager (or nominated deputy).
  10. Provide, prompt, administer medication and healthcare & wellbeing support as required

Main duties and responsibilities

Support to people who use services - To:

  • provide support and assistance to people who we support in accordance with their support plans and service aims and to provide insight into the process of recovery through the sharing of experience in a positive way.
  • assist with initial and on-going assessments of people who we support.
  • advise people who we support in accordance with guidance from senior colleagues or in accordance with the service aims.
  • be a key worker as required.
  • maintain professional confidentiality and boundaries at all times.
  • support and assist people who we support in crisis situations, and/or manage physical risk or behaviour likely to cause incidents, in accordance with the support plan or service protocol.
  • travel within the service area you are contracted for and supporting the travel and transportation of people who we support in accordance with their support plan (mobility, own car, service vehicles, public transport etc).
  • have an understanding of the causes and effects of social exclusion as is relevant to the service and area in which you work.

Planning, policies and record keeping - To:

  • devise, review and update support plans, record events and observations and keep appropriate records as require in the service.
  • attend and contribute to service user reviews often as a key worker or as required.
  • co-ordinate elements of support in accordance with the support plan.
  • follow risk management plans, and follow and update risk assessments.
  • work with data in line with the data protection act.
  • work with and comply with standard operation (finance, operational, Health and Safety and Human Resources) and service procedures. 

Interactions with other people - To:

  • administer or prompting medication and ensure that medication protocols are adhered to.
  • support or buddy new staff and volunteers/those on placement to show them how your practice complies with the SSSC Codes of Practice.
  • have a collegiate approach, ask when you need support or guidance and team work with a diverse group of people.
  • manage and resolve conflict promptly and raise issues appropriately using the correct internal processes.
  • directly communicate with the families of the people we support as appropriate.
  • liaise with workers from other agencies when requested to do so by senior colleagues.
  • work in accordance with the service, meeting the relevant legislation and National Care Standards.
  • liaise with landlords and similar others on behalf of people who we support when requested to do so by senior colleagues.
  • maintain confidentiality with shared information.
  • be aware of health and safety and contribute fully to keeping my work environment, community, people who use services and myself safe.

Leadership - To:

  • provide leadership through expressing and working to sound values and advocating for revovery and pathways to recovery
  • provide buddying or informal coaching to new staff.
  • support the delivery of a specific part of the service such as group work.
  • continuously contribute to service development and improvement.
  • contribute to Turning Point Scotland.
  • keep abreast of changes or sector requirements that are relevant to you.
  • appropriately challenge oppressive or potentially abusive behaviours or practices and report any concerns quickly to senior colleagues.

Miscellaneous - applies only in certain services

  • to undertake sleepovers, overnight and weekends working and occasionally participate in people who we support holiday's as required.
  • to undertake training that may be technical or specialised that will benefit the service.
  • to perform lone working.
The Turning Point Scotland North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Early Intervention Service will deliver a high quality, outcomes and recovery focused service across North Ayrshire.

SVQ 2 Social Care

SVQ 3 Social Care

Essential Criteria


  • A willingness to complete a qualification in Social Service and Health Care at level 6 or 7 (SCQF) or other speciality recognised by the SSSC for registration purposes and if not already registered, to register with the SSSC within the timescale required, where relevant. 


  • Have lived expereince with drugs and alcohol
  • Drug and Alcohol use awareness
  • Has experience of undertaking tasks in a lone working environment and/or with independence and initiative.
  • Has experience, personal, voluntary or professional of providing social care type supports to an individual in their own home or in a social care, school or community setting. This may be informal.


  • Must be able to demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the values that underpin social care focussing on inclusion, person centred approaches and citizenship.
  • Must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the need to maintain professional boundaries and apply disclosure when working with individuals
  • Must be able to be wholly respectful towards all service users and colleagues and address issues constructively 


  • 1:1 working experience
  • Has experience of working with people who have barriers to social inclusion and supporting them to become more socially integrated
  • Has direct experience of working with people who are at times chaotic and marginalised, whose behaviours can challenge services , and supporting them to become more socially integrated and able to access services.
  • Been involved with delivering group work
  • Has experience of providing direct supports to people who use social care services.
  • Has experience of working in an environment where the SSSC Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers is adhered to.

Other skill and knowledge

  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the SSSC Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers

  • Working knowledge of benefits systems, particulary Universal Credit
  • Emotional wellbeing awareness
  • Knowledge of diversity and inclusion practices
  • Knowledge of North Ayrshire communities
  • Driving Licence

We are a large, stable national provider and a charity. As we are not for profit there is ongoing investment into our staff training and development, a good GPP pension scheme, and annual leave and sick pay that significantly exceeds the statutory minimum.

We also have a brilliant employee assistance programme (independent advice, information and support online, by phone and in person), a group reward scheme to help your money go further and access to a contributory ‘hospital’ fund. We have a relationship with a credit union and promote saving directly from salary.

We aim to provide a working environment where opinions and ideas are valued and arrangements are in place to ensure that there is a high level of staff representation and that people are encouraged to make their views heard and to participate at service and organisational levels.

As a leading national social care provider our breakthrough and forward-thinking models of practice and service are well recognised. Examples of this recently have been: Housing First, Psychologically informed environments (PIE), Citizenship and both Scottish and International research and evaluation of a range of projects. We work across a wide range of types of services and the organisation provides pathways for development: a career development workshop; appraisal; learning and training options; internal forums and project groups; and opportunities for internal secondment, temporary acting up or sideways roles and career progression.

The salary scale for the post will be (reduced pro rata for part time posts, the full time equivalent is a 37 working hour week)

  • £16,835
  • £17,011
  • £17,188
  • £17,642
  • £18,081

The annual leave entitlement will be (reduced pro rata for part time posts and will include a proportional entitlement to public holidays)

25 days per year, plus 8 public holidays and 2 local holidays.

The service will be based in Stevenson but you will be required to work accross North Ayrshire
19 July 2019

Should you have any queries, please call our freephone recruitment line on 0808 164 3100.


This opportunity is closed to applications.